What’s the matter?

A couple of architects (Patricia and Andrey) were parents and looked for construction games for their children and a toy house. They only find small-scale set or rigid monolithic houses.

THE SOLUTION: design TUTAKABOO a CONSTRUCTION SET WITH GIANT PIECES, with a scale adapted to children, who are the real participants. BUILD, IMAGINE AND ASSEMBLE EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT AND THE BEST: PLAY INSIDE. Today we are astronauts: our ship, princesses and knights: our castle …

Since the idea of ​​Tutakaboo came up, days has been full of challenges that have been overcome with effort and a good dose of imagination.

NOW WE NEED TO GROW WITH YOU to make large-scale manufacturing, achieve our molds and industrial processes. In this way we will be able to make the international jump. With your collaboration it is possible to obtain the European and United States Patent.

REGISTER YOUR EMAIL AND WE WILL NOTICE YOU THE LAUNCH AT KICKSTARTER. You can be one of our first birds and get Tutakaboo with one of these three star rewards, only for the first 60 in each category.

Recompensas cabecera

59,00 €
80,00 € P.V.P. en tienda

Recompensa 1

99,00 €
140,00 € P.V.P. en tienda

Recompensa 2

159,00 €
205,00 € en tienda

Recompensa 3